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These races are CLOSED events, ie only members of affiliated clubs can take part. If you are a member of a club not in the Derby Runner Cross Country League, you can join one that is as a second claimer. Occasionally, at the rare and sole discretion of Dave Mann, guest runners may be allowed – any guest runner will not score points for a team. 

This closed league consists of 7 cross country races of 5-7 miles, October-March. Individuals score for their team if they are in the counting 8 (men) or 4 (ladies). If individuals attend 5 out of the first 6 races they can win the individual awards. 

The team events have three components. The mens event needs 8 men to count, including 2 vets. The ladies event needs 4 ladies to count, including 1 vet. The overall team event needs 7 men (including 2 vets) and 3 ladies (including 1 vet). Vets are runners aged 40+, for both men and ladies. 

This league was once called the Todays Runner Cross Country League as it was sponsored by the now defunct magazine. 

Although the races can be competitive, they are fairly low-key events with a good friendly club atmosphere. The courses are usually proper cross country, so muddy and hilly. Results are usually finalised after the race in a nearby pub. 

Start times: Junior race; Between 10:20 and 10:30am, Senior Race 11:00am 
Distances: Junior U/11; 1 mile, Junior O/11, 2 miles, Senior; 8-11K 
Entry fees: Junior; £1, Senior £3 
Club kit: Club vests or T shirt must be worn for all races 
Footwear: Studded fell shoes or cross country spikes. Trail shoes/studded road shoes may fine depending upon conditions and the course 

Prize Categories: Men 

Senior (up to 39), VM40 (40-49), VM50 (50-59), VM60 (60+) 

Prize Categories: Women 

Senior (up to 39), VL40 (40-49), VL50 (50-59), VL60 (60+) 

Age status for veterans – age as on 11th October 2015 

Car parking is often a problem because the races are popular and most of the locations are small village areas, so please car-share if possible.